I just had a read through all my previous blog entries; I haven’t changed a bit, and I think that’s an entirely good thing.

After forgetting about my blog for just over a year, I have returned for the following reason. I subscribe to my cousin Admonsta‘s blog. I get an email when she writes something new; it’s always interesting. Always. So after getting two emails in a week I was really pressuring myself to write something. Admonsta wrote an entry on quirks, and I loved it. I’m not going to restrict it to just my quirks, just five things that have been swimming around in my head recently:

  1. I love learning stuff, usually by trawling the internet (oh-so-reliable source) or getting some text books out. I want to cram so much information into my head. My favourite topics are health, psychology, illness, disease, cooking. There’s often no reason for me researching certain topics other than, “I just wanna know!” Sometimes the information comes in handy, but most of the time it’s just so I can blurt out at morning tea, “Did you known octopuses have three hearts!?”
  2. I often talk about sleep and how I believe it should work on an accrual basis. I had a three hour nap this afternoon, it means I have three hours in my sleep bank and I should be able to stay up to 2am on a work night this coming week to watch the World Cup, or infomercials. I figure it would be a great, but that’s because I can sleep anytime, anywhere, and I am generally never sleep-deprived. Insomniacs hate me for making the suggestion of sleep-accrual. It also brings me to another question: at what time-length does a “nap” stop being a nap, and just normal sleep? I say anything over an hour.
  3. If I could eradicate celebrities, I would. I don’t mean KILL them. I mean, if I could make the whole world all go, “You know what… I don’t care what handbag Kim Kardashian is carrying today”, “Who’s Miley Cyrus?” or “Did you say “Posh & Becks”? Zzzzzz…” I want the whole world to switch off from this celebrity circus. Kids are growing up thinking the celebrity life is a norm, something to aspire to, and that having a television show that follows your life is important. A colleague said to me recently, “I love watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It’s my time to switch off and just not think”. I suggested if she wanted to “switch off”, she should do nothing, read a book or walk the dog, because people who watch the Kardashians are getting dumbed down – that went over well. 🙂
  4. In the last 18-months I have developed into quite the feminist. I hate it when commentators at the Olympics say the team is “A great bunch of girls”, because they’re actually, “A great bunch of women”. I’m really disappointed that Australia went from having a strong female Prime Minister, to a dinosaur of a man who parades his daughters around like objects. I watch and enjoy most of the antics on The Footy Show (AFL) but when Sam Newman comes out on stage the camera always pans to a young, blonde female – it’s one thing that HE is the way he is when it comes to women and commenting on their appearance, but then the production crew support and reinforce it. On the topic of AFL, I’m very proud that Samantha Lane has worked hard in her journalism career and has been able to solidify her place in the AFL world, the boy’s club. Speaking of which, I moved to a new town 18-months ago and transferred to their Fire Brigade. I was told by someone external, “It’s a boy’s club, they’re a bit rough, you’ll be on the outer” and an unspoken implication that I wouldn’t last long. They’re a lovely, diverse, group of men and some women, some of them rough, most of them very caring and respectable. I’m not on the outer and it’s now been a year for me.
  5. Where the hell did the ‘d’ in ‘important’ come from? I hear it everywhere: IMPORDANT. The number one offender is Michelle Bridges. It’s a very common word in her vocabulary. I can’t name anyone else off the top of my head but I hear it a lot on TV, sometimes at work. Along the same lines is the ‘k’ on the end of ‘something’, ‘nothing’, ‘everything’, etc. I know in German, a word ending in ‘g’ can have a ‘k’ sound but… something tells me, the people saying ‘somethink’, known ‘nothink’ about German.

Maybe a Part 2 some other time.